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Your pet won’t be turned away

If your pet requires a little more attention than most pets, that’s fine. No need to shy away from our facility because you are worried about your pet’s needs being met. Special needs pets are our forte. We spend extra time with the pets that need the extra attention. 

When you let us know what your pet’s particular needs are, we put a plan in action to provide him/her with the care, love, and attention he or she needs.

Special needs do not always include medication or rehabilitation.  We can make sure your pet get its medications as directed on schedule.  It is not only just physical needs but emotional as well.  Whether your pet is timid, high strung, just shy, or has had a bad experience at another facility, we can work with him or her on an individual basis to make him or her feel at home. We enjoy making your pet feel comfortable and happy.

You won’t get turned away from us. We know that every pet may have unique needs that make him or her a little different than the others. We know just what to do to make your furry family member part of ours.